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Workshops ronde 1: 13:45 15:00

13.    Leslie Piggott
Delaying explicit focus on form.
Voor het vak Engels speelt het leren van grammaticale structuren vaak een belangrijke rol in de onderbouw. Tijdens deze workshop kijken we samen naar de theoretische basis van deze werkwijze en naar huidige adviezen vanuit de wetenschap. Hoe vertalen deze adviezen zich naar de lessen en wat zijn de voor- en nadelen?

14.    Christine Fenech
Mind the Gap
With more students choosing degrees offered in English, students experience a gap between their end-requirements havo and the first year HBO. This presentation aims to raise questions about the subject and discusses a proposal for helping to use the language classroom (mostly listening and speaking) to expose the students to research and interview techniques for data collection.

15.    Pauline van der Bilt
Shakespeare: more than words
This workshop helps you to organize a No Fear Shakespeare performance / event in which the students not only take the lead, but also get a taster of performing the Bard's words, and practice skills and grammar in a meaningful context.

Workshops ronde 2:15:15 16:30

16.    Jasmijn Bloemert
'From Pictures to Words'
Encouraging independent literature interpretations in the FL classroom does not happen through osmosis. Using art in the literature lessons can facilitate this process. In this workshop you will participate in hands-on activities that show how the challenging task of interpreting a literary text can be made appropriate for FL learners in terms of literary content and language learning.

17.    Deniz Haydar & Nienke Smit
Get the scientific picture and talk the talk
Making sense of scientific graphs, charts and diagrams becomes increasingly important in reading and understanding (online) informational texts. What problem solving and language skills do students need to understand these pictures? How can you elicit language from your students in order to help them to get the picture? We will approach these issues from a CLIL perspective.

18.    David Crystal & Hilary Crystal
Playing with Shakespeare: facts and fictions
David and Hilary Crystal create a Shakespearean atmosphere with their light-hearted presentation of old and new facts and fictions about the language of Shakespeare.